Jairo Gutiérrez Feut


Materials: Online application and digital print.

Dimensions:  125 X 175 cm 

Year: 2014


In 2014 took place the first edition of an online art award called The TFHMF Award <http://www.tfhmfaward.com>. The selection procedure and the way in which the participant’s works were shown in the web site of the grant, motivated me to submit a piece that dialogue about the double nature digital and physical, of the award itself.
For my work I took screenshots of the award’s web site, capturing all the art pieces submitted. The screenshots were grouped together in a canvas that fits the application requirements; the digital file was printed and presented back to the award as my art piece. Like all submitted works, was mine shown in the “Participants Gallery” of the award’s web site too; though it did not make it further in the selection procedure.
THETFHMFAWARD reflects about the way in which art is shown and promoted in an digital interconnected culture.