Jairo Gutiérrez Feut

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Video Three-channel Installation.

Year: 2009


This series manipulates the normal flow of time from three different footage. The final video installation is a triptych composed by three videos: “Reversed 24 Hours”, “Paused America” and “The fastest Beijing race”. All these works dialog about the idea of time as a set of past, present and future.

“Reversed 24 Hours” presents the first season of the american TV show 24 Hours in reversed motion. The story flows from the end until the beginning. It give a revision to the history of a anti terrorist agent and a black president in USA.
“Paused America” consist in the projection of the movie “American Beauty”, paused in the minute 19:23. The real pause in the projection transform this piece in an intervention, affecting the traditional way to see the film. The pause suggests a wait for the continuation of the scene, where the dreams of the main character are suspended in time. This part make an allusion to how the social ideal of the “american way of live” become a present of constant wait, a dream that remain drowsy indefinitely.
“The fastest Beijing race” shows an acceleration in the video that documented the career, where Usain Bolt broke all the records of speed, in the career for the 100 meters planes of the Olympiads of Beijing 2009, becoming at that time the quickest man in the world, making a career of 9.68 seconds. The increment in the velocity of the video produce that the racers go faster, and the moment where the competition arrive to the end becomes hardly perceptible. The event where the one who win is who arrive more quickly to the end, becomes than a reflection about the frugal human existence.