In the Cuban religious syncretism the figure of Saint Lazarus is a venerated deity which grant healing and health. Many believers make hard penitence in its honor, as promise for the grace of the saint. Some of the promises involve to live as beggar and to peregrinate to the Santuario Nacional  de San Lázaro on the 17th of December. The series of photographs Lázaro portraits the icons of the saint that are carried by believers during their penitence. Each picture is titled according to the name of the penitent owner of the icon. The series dialog about the connection of the photos with the painting of icons and the popular art. It refers to the ancestral portrait of saints, which became democratized and is found in versions of the popular art. This works also refers to the religiosity side of the poorest social stratum in Cuba.

© Jairo Gutiérrez Feut 2016