With the launching of Google Street View many issues related to privacy aroused. To deal with them Google offered to its users the option to request the blur of their presence in the images, including house, car and other elements. Specially in Germany this turned into a great topic, leading to a big number of images in Google Street View be blurred. The result were a growing amount pictures of towns and cities with houses being completely blurred.

The “Sculptures” are based on the installation of glass/Plexiglas/light filter panels in public spaces, in such a way that the effect produced, resembles the blurs that Google provided over buildings and houses in the Street View. The panels mimic some of the shapes that the blurs have and are placed in the same place where they appear in the on-line map. The installations questions the efficacy of the blurs in the physical space, since the blurs acquire another materiality their function as censure is lost. However they underline the weight that this censure in the on-line visual culture has over our ideas of public spaces, privacy and security.

© Jairo Gutiérrez Feut 2016