Google Street View offers the possibility to navigate in sequence of images through on-line maps. Together with buildings, cars and streets, many persons are shown in those images as well. To deal with the privacy issues that this aroused, Google blurred the faces of persons using automatic face recognition systems; which without being hundred percent effective, still influenced the way we used to see images of persons in public spaces. The series of Portraits captured blurred persons in Google Street View by using screenshots and overlay them in arrangements of dozens of layers. The compositions are made semitransparent to allow all the pictures to fusion with each other and create images that take to the extreme, the blur effect that was used as censure over the original shots. The results are semi abstract images that become portraits of anonymous masses of the digital space. At the same time they recall abstracts and figurative works of the postmodern painting.

© Jairo Gutiérrez Feut 2016